Hi, I’m Claire and I’m a Graphic Designer and Cake decorator.

After working at the BBC for just over 8 years, I decided to take my hobby of cooking and baking to a new level.

Starting my own Cake Business – Bluefondant Cake Design.

Using my skills as a Graphic Designer, I  put them to great use in designing my cakes. Producing ideas into elegant designs on cakes, to a high professional level. Using sugar-paste, Royal icing, flower and modelling pastes, my attention to detail is extremely high.


Custom Cakes designed for you


Cakes for all occasions…

Wedding cakes to add the perfect finishing touches to your special day. Cakes to celebrate with friends and  family for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations. Cupcakes the perfect gift for someone.


My website http://bluefondant.com is the home of all my designs, creations and pictures.


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